Ignitur v4.0 released! What's new

1. New and Improved Reporting Interface

  • Create reports faster than ever using the new drag-and-drop feature. Simply add a check mark to the data widget you want in your report, then re-organize the data by moving widgets up or down.

2. Notifications to Keep You on Top of Things

  • Stay up-to-date thanks to all-new notifications regarding account activity and actions your colleagues took on projects and clients you're following. To see these, click the Bell icon in the top right-hand corner. 
    To dig deeper, you can always visit the account's history screen.

3. Improved User Interface

  • Experience a faster and easier use of Ignitur. With small but significant tweaks in color, added sorting fields, and enhanced methods of collaboration, you're sure to feel the difference. 

4. What's new in your Dashboard?

  • Your Analyze tab (dashboard) comes already equipped with API connections like Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, and more. We've added 4 new API connections for a total of 16 connections to services that Ignitur connects you to. Here are the newly added ones:

  • You asked for a keyword ranking tool? You've got it!
    We still show search metrics from Google Search Console, but now we've added a keyword positioning tool that will automatically check positioning per location once a week.
  • You can now provide a dashboard link to your clients.
    In addition to the option of exporting your dashboard to generate a quick report, you can now create a link to share the most relevant stats with your clients. The link is "view only" so you only have control over the dashboard layout and widgets.

5. What's new in your Task Management?

  • The tweaks and new features that will make your work with Ignitur a breeze and help you be more effective are listed below:
    1. You can now add multiple tasks-lists
    2. You can now quickly add a task from any place in the software
    3. You can now skip recurring tasks
    4. You can now add comments on time tracking records
    5. You can now duplicate tasks
    6. You can now have a start date field
    7. You can now see your "due this week" tasks
    8. Bugs reported from previous version have been resolved

6. What's new in your Reporting Engine?

  • The reporting engine on Ignitur is one of our users' favorite software modules. We have polished the code and improved agility. We've been working mainly on the next user interface update that will make operation faster and more user-friendly. This includes a drag and drop function as well as an improved WYSIWYG editor. All of this is coming your way in the next few weeks!